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Marking the Teepee Rings

By Head Bit-Wrangler - Posted on 26 April 2011

Early spring is the perfect time to see the teepee rings – before they are concealed by meadow grasses. In September 2010 Roger and Jane Holtorf were joined by friends JoAnn and Dave Carlson in an expedition to locate two teepee sites on the FXR. Among other talents, JoAnn is an accomplished American Indian artifact collector.

They made the rings more visible for photographing by marking the rocks with flour. One site of rings was near the Bluegrass Ridge - these are well known among the partners. They marked 20 and know there are many more. The other site was on the west side of Bull Pasture Road about 1/4 mile north of the intersection with Cottonwood Canyon Road (through the gate) near a small rock outcrop.

The two teepee ring sites are our first additions to an interactive map of FXR points of interest HERE.

The GPS coordinates are also available for download in the attached document.

A new photo gallery has been added for historic sites and artifacts found on the FXR. Pictures of the teepee sites are available HERE.

Teepee Rings - East Guide Rock Pasture
Teepee Rings - Blue Grass Ridge
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