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2016-05-10 FXR Weather and road condition update sticky icon

2016-05-10 FXR Weather and road condition update
Partners, please see the attached email from President Neumann regarding the weather and road conditions at the Ranch.

Fishing the Bluegrass

Fishing the Bluegrass
- Thom Yaras
The Bluegrass Creek runs through our area across the north-east end of our property. The Bluegrass cuts through about a 1.5 miles of the Flying X Ranch. It can be accessed on the Ranch at two locations:
• You can get to it via the road that heads out to the Green Rock mine, which will get you to the camping/picnic area on the creek.
• Or, you can continue on the road out past Padgett Cabin and access the creek at Rudy’s Crossing (some purists prefer to call it Padgett Crossing).