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Fishing the Bluegrass

Fishing the Bluegrass
- Thom Yaras
The Bluegrass Creek runs through our area across the north-east end of our property. The Bluegrass cuts through about a 1.5 miles of the Flying X Ranch. It can be accessed on the Ranch at two locations:
• You can get to it via the road that heads out to the Green Rock mine, which will get you to the camping/picnic area on the creek.
• Or, you can continue on the road out past Padgett Cabin and access the creek at Rudy’s Crossing (some purists prefer to call it Padgett Crossing).

The Rock of Memories

Memorial Rock

Years ago, it was noticed by several Partners and our ranch managers (Sonny & Cheryl), that we were losing and had lost several of our Partners to death. Those of us remaining had burned enough brain cells that our memories were also slipping away. “When did he pass?” “Wasn’t she the one that made the great chocolate cake?” “Didn’t he have that funky old jeep?” “Boy, I miss going fishing with him.”

It was determined to set aside a quiet, beautiful corner of the ranch to place a memorial to our deceased Partners. A lovely place where we can restore our fond memories and share stories of the days when we all were together. Toby SerVoss, a local stonecutter/artisan, had for years worked the Raven Quarries up Tunnel Road on the Kennedy Ranch. At this time, Toby was living on the old “Wonder Ranch” where the Bluegrass meets Highway 36. He and Sonny made a trade – Toby would make the Memorial stone out of black granite and Sonny would do a little dirt work for him with our equipment. Toby had the engraving and polishing done and in the spring of 2000, he and Sonny set the stone on the gentle slope near Olinger.